motorcycle accident attorney orange county

In addition to the pain and mental anguish that you will definitely feel, a lot of the increase in costs, including medical bills, lost wages, and the cost of property damage can be very large to be handled alone. 

Trying to receive compensation yourself - the compensation you deserve - from an insurance company is almost impossible without an experienced Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer. Here's what we can do for you:

• Negotiate with insurance companies: Our law firm has decades of experience dealing with insurance companies. 

When your motorcycle breaks down and becomes less valuable, insurance companies usually will not refund you with a lower value. 

Some steps must be taken to receive correct compensation for your damaged vehicle, called a reduced value claim. 

Our injured lawyer knows how to negotiate with your insurance company to win a favorable impairment claim.

• Assign responsibility: In most cases of car accidents, both drivers will refuse to admit mistakes. This means that accountability must be proven with evidence that cannot be denied. 

Our legal team knows how to conduct interviews, gather all relevant evidence, and make clear cases for accountability in cases of motorcycle accidents.

• Recovering maximum compensation: We can handle the complexity of your case when you or a loved one needs the time needed to recover. We have had millions of dollars in injury settlement for decades.

Types of Motorcycle Injury

Every year, the National Road Traffic Safety Administration collects motorcycle injury data. Lower limb injuries are the most common afflictions for motorcyclists, and include road rashes, burns, or crush injuries due to the weight of the bikes that hit them. Other types of possible motorcycle injuries are:

• Traumatic brain injury: This is more common in motorists who fail to wear helmets when they drive.

• Upper limb injury: Broken bones and damage to shoulder muscles are generally sustained because they hit the pavement with great force.

• Core injuries: Includes sores in the abdomen and chest area. In extreme cases, internal bleeding and organ failure can occur.

As a driver, you can take certain precautions to protect yourself. 

Wearing the right helmet and protective equipment to prevent rashes on the highway is a good starting point, but driving defensively will only get you so far - circumstances beyond your control can still cause accidents. 

In the case of a wrongful death, our motorcycle accident lawyer will fight for justice for your loved ones and fight for maximum compensation for your family.