How to set up a business without capital

Many people think if you want to do business or open a business you must have a small capital. When in fact, in this day and age all activities involving the internet, this opinion can be said to be less updated. 

You just need to be more observant to be able to capture the opportunities that exist, when you want to do business without this capital. In this sophisticated internet era, many business opportunities milling about on the internet. 

Of course, business without capital through the internet is much easier to do, right? Using only a smart phone, you can run a business without this capital and only choose the commodities you want to sell. Alright, let's look at the following directly.

Business without capital on the internet

• Become a Blogger

If you have good writing skills, the first effort without capital you can do is become a blogger. For the theme that is carried you can choose yourself according to your wishes and abilities. 

Of course, by taking up themes that you like and are smart, discussions will flow more easily. 

Make no mistake, after going through a little effort and time, you can become a successful blogger and make lots of money from advertising through Google Adsense.

• Become a YouTuber

If you are creative and have lots of interesting ideas, why not try being a YouTuber? The videos that you make can be travel videos, culinary, or certain skills that you have. Everything you can make as your video content. 

Usually Cara videos or personal lives will appeal to viewers, so they will be happy to subscribe or follow your YouTube channel. The more you can make interesting videos, the more customers will follow you. 

This means you have a great chance of getting decent coffers.

• Toy

Another business that can be built without capital is a service that is entrusted with toys. Maybe this business is still rarely known to many people. However, this business is quite promising, especially for those of you who like these toy trinkets. 

You just go to the toy market, then take photos of toys that are sold there. You can simply attach toy photos on social media like Instagram or Facebook. 

Don't forget to ask seller's permission first, if you want to upload photos on social media. If possible, ask for wholesale prices so you can make a big profit.

• Freelance writer

Freelance writers are needed in this internet age. How not, many startup companies and large companies need freelance SEO writers to promote their products. 

Although sometimes they hire full-time writers, freelance writers also don't lack orders. Because SEO articles are needed so their products can appear on the first page of the Google search engine. 

If so, who says you can't do business from home without capital?

• Become a Social Media Account Admin

Today many companies are starting to have social media to introduce and market their products. Surely this is an opportunity for those of you who like to be online on the internet. 

Instead of just browsing and playing Facebook, why don't you register to become a startup company Social Media Account Admin? His duties include creating viral content, answering questions, and increasing the number of followers. If it is difficult to get started, you can join the online freelancer service market platform which is now starting to develop.

• Healthy Home Based Catering Business

Not only the online promotion business, the food or catering business never dies, as long as you can be more creative. 

Healthy online catering can be used as a business without capital. If you like baking and are good at cooking, just market your services online and implement a payment system on each order. Thus, you can use the DP as initial capital to buy cakes and cooking ingredients, as well as transportation and shipping costs