Getting to Know About Insurance and ETF

In human life is actually required to invest. Why should I invest? This investment is actually an effort made to prepare a better future. A variety of types of investment at this time also began to appear like this in property, gold and mutual funds. 

For property and gold investment may not be any longer for you. So, is it a mutual fund investment? Investments in mutual funds are supposed to be several types of mutual funds, mutual funds, ETF mutual funds and conventional mutual funds. 

But for index mutual funds and ETFs, it is said that they have a relatively high level of exclusion if they are compared to conventional mutual funds.

According to the financial services authority (OJK), mutual funds and ETF mutual funds are two different types of investment, but both have little interest. Index mutual funds are types of mutual funds that are run to obtain investment profit results that are low with reference indexes both for obedience and index index. 

As for ETF mutual funds, they are types of mutual funds that work by referring to certain indexes and are traded like stocks. 

Not much different from mutual funds in index, ETF also has the aim to maximize return compared to the reference index.

Many people deny that ETF mutual funds and mutual funds in Indonesia only have differences in terms of investment objectives that often make many prospective investors seem confused about the actual differences in these two types of investment. 

Many also say that the development of mutual funds in index makes ETFs have more complex features but tend to be more profitable than various of these. So, what are the benefits of this ETF mutual fund investment?

Advantages of ETF Mutual Funds

There are many benefits that can be obtained with ETF mutual funds. The first advantage that can be obtained with ETF mutual funds is that it can be sold to the investment manager and to the buying and selling process in BEІ, so that it can make it easier for investors to see the movement of their investment. 

Then another advantage in the ETF purchase transaction will be at least three times that will also be included in the insurance, among them, namely the interest of the ancient banks, the party dealers and also the investment managers. 

While that's another advantage you can also get with mutual funds.

Another advantage that you can get is that you can set aside at least three days to prepare a purchase fund. On the stock market, ETFs are in line with shares. Although there will be many differences between the two types of investment, but both will also have one thing in common that benefits investors, namely transparency. 

If indeed the performance of conventional mutual funds is monitored once a month, then the second type of investment is monitored every day through the BEІ or the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

The similarity is the investment purchase process through the investment manager, who is also often referred to as creative creator or creative person. 

1 for creation alone has 100,000 for equalization. For example the price of the LQ45 index is 600. So the minimum capital for investment that is needed is around 600 x 100,000 or the equivalent of 60 million. 

This capital is indeed quite large for the types of mutual fund indexes and ETF mutual funds, but the benefits of this type of fee will be much smaller compared to other investments.

"It is as little as this information that we will provide for you to get to know more near insurance and mutual funds. Hopefully this information is useful and you can make it as a consideration material.