Insurance Quotes Young Drivers

So you’ve passed your test. You’ve chosen a car. And now all you need is insurance! If you’re driving without car insurance then you’re breaking the law. You could have your vehicle confiscated, be issued a penalty fine and have to pay to have your car released. 

What’s more, if you’re uninsured and have an accident, you will be liable for the cost of everyone else’s injuries, their damages, compensation and repairs even if the accident wasn’t your fault. You will lose your license and may lose your job because of this So whilst your car insurance may seem expensive to begin with, it’s nothing compared to what it will cost you not to have it. 

Other than your age, there are other factors to be aware of that determine your insurance premium, such as your choice of car, your job, how much you drive, and where you live. In the fact, you need the cheapest young driver insurance.

What is the cheapest young driver insurance?

Give your kid a bus pass until he’s 18, then make him pay for it himself. Public transportation doesn’t reach the suburbs. Is paying one of his friends who is 18 to drive him around an option? Carpooling is eco-friendly, and the friend might enjoy the extra money. 

I want him to get the experience of driving and learn about responsibility. He better have straight As. Do you think good grades are a sign of responsibility? Insurers do, which is why they give good student discounts. Where can I get cheap auto insurance for a teenager? The cheapest place is probably yours. 

Nepotism, in this case, is good. They’re giving me a rather high quote. But it includes a family discount, and you know that the firm is legitimate. 

If you are shopping for cheap auto insurance online, the cheapest place may be a fly by night operation that takes your money but never pays claims.

What else can we do to control the cost? Our deductibles are already high. A teen is several times more likely to get in an accident than someone with experience, so you probably want his coverage to have high coverage instead of a high deductible. I know that we want a car with a lot of safety features. 

Don’t let him hot rod it. In fact, give him an old hoopty that you won’t mind letting sit with the bent fender. I know that we save money if we don’t file claims. I guess if he drives a beat up car, we’ll save money by not filing for fender benders no one notices. And you save money on the insurance because cheap cars are cheaper to insure. 

I heard we’d save money by putting him in driver’s ed. Make him take it several times and get more experience behind the wheel. Let him sit in traffic school, too, before he gets a ticket. And if I threaten to take away the car keys if he gets a ticket might save us money. Or at least a few headaches, if he heeds the warning.