The Role of Project Supervision Ongoing

Project development can proceed well supported by several aspects such as good collaboration, good village planning and construction, and quality control of projects that go according to plan. 

One factor that plays a major role in the development of many projects is the supervision of the project which is carried out to ensure that the project runs smoothly. 

Project oversight is also carried out to see whether development can achieve the results according to planning and fulfill the interests of consumers. More than that, project supervision is also followed by controlling the quality of the project. 

This stage of work is headed by a manager and agreed by the project giver. 

What happens in the development of the project is supervised by the quality control manager and is reported to the project manager. The quality control of the project included in the project supervision consists of several processes, namely:

• Quality Planning

At this stage, this is done to determine the consumer's needs. 

When it is already known what the needs of consumers are, then project supervision can be carried out whether or not according to the needs of consumers or not.

• Quality Control

After that, the next step is to consider the quality control factors, methods and tools for developing quality control. Techniques like this can be obtained from mutual agreement. In addition, if there is a need for technical guidelines regarding the background and quality control of the project, quality control procedures, quality control strategies, quality control objectives, methodological methods used, quality control stages, and evaluation of performance. To achieve good project results, project supervision depends on the controlling role. 

In this way, the project will go according to plan and can prevent possible delays. The methods that can be used to control quality are as follows:

1. Project Construction Tests

Examination is carried out on the construction of the project to prevent oversight. In this case, the examination was also applied to the design of the purchase of equipment and supplies, the project model, and village responsibilities.

2. Equipment Testing

In addition to the construction of the project, there is also an inspection of the equipment so that it can ensure that the device can function properly. Equipment testing can also be done when the equipment is being installed and after the installation is complete.

3. Testing with Samplіng

In this process, it is carried out to ensure the material quality is in accordance with the predetermined characters. Samplīng is a method that is carried out in an honest and objective manner, so that targets can be achieved and supervision of quality control goes well.

In addition to quality control, project supervision can be carried out in several ways, namely:

1. Monitoring or Monіtorіng

Monitoring is a form of direct supervision. This activity is carried out with visits to all parts of the project. In this monitoring, it can also be done by overseeing the implementation of the project, preparation of equipment and media that are needed, as well as the use of a predetermined budget.

2. Supervіsі

Project supervision can also be carried out in a supervisi way. This method is used to ensure that the stages of the project are in line with the mechanism or guidelines that have been set. 

By supervising projects like quality control above, the project can be carried out appropriately and achieve success according to plan. What is meant by this plan is the construction of the project according to the budget and fulfilling the functional needs and client interests. 

Projects that are carefully controlled can determine the whereabouts, conditions, and tools and materials that will be used in the project. The profit and loss reports in the project can also be monitored when overseeing the project so that the allocation of funds with expenditure can be used as much as possible. 

From project supervision can also be found any errors in project development. For example, delays in the provision of materials or workmanship that has poor results. 

These mistakes can be corrected as quickly as possible and prevent repeated occurrences. The conclusion is that project supervision is carried out to achieve the target as planned and prevent the occurrence of oversight in the project.