MedіPro, Small Insurance Health Package For Employees

Getting insurance and also the best healthcare services is indeed a dream for every employee. With the existence of health insurance will provide a positive picture of the company as a choice for a qualified workforce. 

The availability of health insurance is something that is important and has the advantage of protecting or protecting employees and maintaining employee loyalty to the company and also keeping the costs of these companies unexpectedly. 

And take it easy, because all of these employee expectations are already unanswered. At present, AINA finances have a special product for health insurance, a small employee package that is offered specifically to small and medium scale companies that may be able to become the company's choice in organizing health programs for employees. This FAnnancіal product is MedіPro. There are many beneficiaries from MedіPro. 

And MedіPro as a health insurance small package for employees also has many privileges. Anything?

The privilege of MedіPro

For those of you who have a small or middle-class company, it is strongly recommended to use this small health insurance package Medici. MedіPro as we have discussed in advance that has many of this privilege in it. 

Where the privilege of this Medici is, among them has the number of employees which only had 5 people and a maximum of 50 people. Have complete compensation in this Medici. Each participant is given a MedіPro card as a standard. 

Another advantage of using health insurance for this small package of MedіPro employees is having an unlimited number of annual care admissions. There is also a complete class selection, a competitive premium and not dependent on the participant's age, including family participation (dependents). 

For the underwriting process it is very simple and does not require a formal experience and there is no health examination. Because that is your time to try to insure this. Aside from some of these privileges, you will be provided with many benefits with MedіPro health insurance.

Key Benefits of MedіPro

With MedіPro, you will get inpatient care benefits, outpatient benefits, including treatment, death benefits due to illness or normal causes, death benefits due to accidents you will also get. So all the aspects that become the target you will get with MedіPro.

Conditions of Participation

Are you interested in following as well as in the small health insurance program for Medіpro employees? There are several membership requirements that you must follow. Among the conditions is that there are 5 employees and a maximum of 50 employees.

 Children and spouses are included as dependents. Employees with the same position must be registered in the same benefit group. 

And employees and partners have 17 years and a formal 59 years. Our children are 15 days to 23 years old, still in school or college and not yet married.

"It's a little information that we can provide around small health insurance packages for employees. Hopefully this will be useful information and let's plan your finances from this moment on to grow healthy finances in the future.