Kinds of Syariah Products and Provisions

Insurance is distinguished by two types of conventional insurance as well as personal insurance. Asuransyar itself started in the 1990s and started popular in the 2000s. 

Insurances are started with the rapid marketing of basic products from Muamalat Bank, Syariniah Mandiri Bank and other bank-based banks. After savings and financing products have been intensely launched, then insurance is growing rapidly. 

Even speculation surrounding the insurance had also sprung up. There are those who argue that the insurance is haraam and there are also those who believe that the shari'a is a legitimate product of insurance and is very suitable to be an attractive choice for most of the Muslim community in Indonesia.

Syariah In The Context Of Business Insurance Asurans

In its development, we increasingly understand about religion. Not only the matter of worship will still be about muamalah or relationships with fellow human beings. 

Business and finance are also included in the category of muamalah, which is a lot of people with various considerations, one of which is halal and haram. But in fact until now this is still a lot of people who do not really understand what it is, and is only limited to follow-up only. 

Asuransyar in principle, apply the rules that rest on the basic faith and morals and have replies in the world and in the end. 

Refers to al-quran and as-sunnah which are translated into Islamic insurance products.

Provisions for Asuran Syariah

If we talk about insurance, I am a cooperative effort to protect and pray for help among a number of people in dealing with disasters or schools through agreements that are agreed with in accordance with the teachings of Islam. 

The agreement used uses the Takaful contract principle, which means, please help with the basic principle of Tabarru 'while the management, using Mudharabah through investment in sharia. 

In sharia insurance, it must also be in accordance with the shariah Islam by considering prohibitions that must be eliminated, which does not contain gharar, maysīr, rība, illicit goods and maxims that are prohibited in Islam. 

In supporting the insurance system, in insurance, it is supported by several contracts, including the history agreement, the Tabarru contract.

This historical contract is a contract in the form of insurance that has commercial purposes, which is to look for temporary benefits for the Tabarru contract 'having non-professional purposes, namely for policy and help - helping and not for commercial purposes. 

Some important points in the tabarru agreement include a participant agreement to help, rights and responsibilities as well as payment methods and classifications. 

For this little information that we usually give about the types of products and basic insurance provisions. Hope it is useful for you. Start financial planning since this day