Spyware From Google On Your Android Phone

Google is the biggest search engine in the world has new improve their software. This think their did to spy your activity on your android phone to collect data how many apps you have been installed on your phone and which one become a competitor from google on apps. Called "Google LockBox" The service works through Google Mobile Services, which means that employees are able to see this data about other apps on any device that has been certified to use Google services. This data will show how often an app is used and how long it has been used.

The funny thing, Google improve this software just want to see how long people spend a time to access instagram, facebook, whatsapp, and etc as a rival from Google.

Google create lockbox has a goal to collect data from android user, but we as Android don't be worry. however, in order to get access to this program, employees do have to request permission, and in some cases requests have been denied. So it's not just any Googler in Mountain View that can see this data, thankfully.

In the other hand, Google has declaire if this data will allow Google to offer a more personalized experience, but it also provides data for competitive research to Google. Maybe this is the best way from google to improve their user experience, this is a good thing and very rare.

Google LockBox Meet Antitrust Test

As a result of emergence Google lockbox they facing an antitrust investigation by almost every US state, as well as by the US Justice Department. Though, these investigations are supposedly focusing on its search and ad business. That doesn't mean they can't expand it to the Android business.

Don't worry, this just happen outside from Indonesia, until now this news got reported. There is no description which android OS infected Google Lockbox. Is there a minimum standart android operating system or not, because the newest operating system from android is android 10 and established on September 2019 last year.

As android user, lots of disturbing news such as malware blackbox which can steal our private data without knowing by us and the newest is google lockbox. We have to be wise as a user, don't save any private data on your mobile phone right now. We can get back one step to keep our data safe, just write on the paper and lock in the brankas.

The news about android has crowder right now. Cyberwar already start to increase their profit individual with no matter people affected.

Update from Google about Lockbox:
"Google did respond to the report from The Information, and admitted that it has access to usage data from rival apps. Google defended it by saying the program is public and that any developer can also access similar data. Even though, Google's reach is thought to be far wider than that. Seeing as it covers any and every device with Google's pre-installed apps"