Fitness Management Software

So the number one reason that I love fitness and that I do fitness is that it stimulates the flow of lymph in my body. So lymph fluid is effectively the sewage system for your body. 

And unlike the blood, which have a pump - the heart - to pump it around, the lymph fluid doesn’t have have that pump. It needs movement and deep breathing in order to get it moving. And fitness is such a great way to start moving that lymph first thing in the morning. In fact, any time of day, especially if you’ve been sitting, or stationary for a long period of time. 

Just fitness for a few minutes will help move that flow of lymph and expel all those toxins, and help energise you first thing in the morning and at any time of day. 

So the number one reason why I love fitness is because it stimulates the flow of lymph. Number two reason that I love fitness is that it helps boost the immune system, as does really any exercise, but in particular fitness because you’re moving that lymph fluid around. 

Because you’re creating that g-force as you go down - and it’s an even g-force as you go down and as you go up - it really helps build that immune system up. The third reason that I love fitness is that it helps your balance. 

Because when you first get on the rebounder - especially the one that I use, which is a Bellicon one, which is kind of with bungee cords - it’s a little bit more unstable than a traditional rebounder in the beginning. It really helps improve your balance which, as we all know, is vital. 

If you don’t have good balance you’re more likely to fall, you’re more likely to twist something, you’re more likely to injure yourself in some way. So having good balance is absolutely imperative.

Fitness Management Software with EZFacility

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